Tuesday, September 18, 2012

disability and theology texts

I was really uncomfortable with Molly's sermon a week ago Sunday (for a take I like better, check out SarcasticLutheran's sermon).

Molly and I chatted on her porch on Friday, and we agreed to continue to engaging with the issue.

So I wanted to put up a list of the books on theology+disability that people recommended when I crowdsourced that Sunday (thanks to those who signal-boosted and/or responded).

  • A Healing Homiletic: Preaching and Disability (Kathleen Black)
  • This Abled Body: Rethinking Disabilities in Biblical Studies (ed. Hector Avalos).
  • round-table discussion about disability & Biblical studies in Women in the Hebrew Bible (ed. Alice Bach).
  • Spirit and the Politics of Disablement (Sharon V. Betcher)
  • The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Theology of Disability (Nancy L. Eiesland)
  • The Wounded Healer (Henri J.M. Nouwen)
I also went to my GoodReads to pull up the stuff I read 2-3 years ago (NB: not all of these texts explicitly deal with theology -- this is more to share some of the context that I have when I approach this issue):
  • Disability and Christian Theology: Embodied Limits and Constructive Possibilities (Deborah Beth Creamer)
  • Deaf Liberation Theology (Hannah Lewis)
  • Theology Without Words: Theology in the Deaf Community (Wayne Morris)
  • The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability (Susan Wendell)
  • Bending Over Backwards: Disability, Dismodernism & Other Difficult Positions (Lennard J. Davis)
  • Desiring Disability: Queer Theory Meets Disability Studies (GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies #9.5)
  • Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability (Robert McRuer)

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